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Council house tenants to be offered new form of short-term tenure

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The new coalition government hopes the new form of tenure, possibly with lower standards of accommodation, will make it easier to build more social housing.

However, In other reforms councils are to be given new rights to manage their local waiting lists so that they do not have to follow national guidelines, thus giving councils greater power to decide who to give a council house tenancy to.

The existing forms of Tenancy For Life for council and social housing tenants will be abolished except for existing tenants and also a council tenant's right to pass the tenancy to their children will also be abolished except for existing tenants.

However the chief executive of Shelter, proclaimed these reforms would "reduce access and security to housing for some of the poorest and most vulnerable. They show the government is completely out of touch with how millions of people across the country already face a continual struggle to find and keep a decent affordable home."

The National Housing Federation, which represents England's housing associations, warned that cuts of 50% would "effectively shut the door on an entire generation of families on lower incomes by withdrawing billions of pounds worth of funding for affordable housing schemes". David Orr, the federation's chief executive, said: "The government said it was committed to social housing and to protecting the most vulnerable. This can only be interpreted as a blatant betrayal of those promises and a kick in the teeth to millions of people stuck on waiting lists."

More info can be found at the BBC website


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