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Council houses in Wrexham to become a new power station?

A plan to fit solar panels to 3,000 council properties in Wrexham has been agreed in principle with Wrexham Borough Council.

The project is expected to cost £25m and could generate a net income of £25.7m over 25 years. The project is expected to get the go ahead, although a final decision is expected from Wrexham Borough Council on around 15 February 2011.

It is estimated to reduce CO2 levels, and reduce tenants' bills by up to 40%.

The council would borrow the money to pay for the scheme, but hopes to take advantage of the UK government's Feed in Tariff, a 25-year scheme which allows surplus energy to be sold back to the National Grid.

Under that scheme, the council believes the panels would make enough money to repay the loan, and generate about £1m per year in extra income.

The added benefits for tenants is that using the energy generated by the panels could reduce their energy bills by up to 40% by allowing tenants the use of this cheaper green energy.

This seems like the start of a number of green energy projects across the UK, helping reduce global warming impact, increasing income for council's and helping tenants with cheaper utility bills.

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