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Downsize and get £2,000!

Across the UK a number of councils are now offering these kinds of cash (in your pocket) incentives for tenants who really don’t need that extra bedroom, to downsize.

If you live in Exeter right now then Exeter council house tenants are being offered cash incentives for moving to properties with fewer bedrooms than the property they currently occupy.

The council is looking to free up some of the city's family accommodation and enable families on the housing register to move into properties that meet their requirements. So, they are looking to introduce an incentive scheme.

Already across the UK a number of councils are now offering these kinds of cash (in your pocket) incentives for tenants who really don’t need that extra bedroom, to downsize.

The original scheme was so popular in Exeter, that the incentive had to be suspended, however, larger family homes were still required and a revised policy needed to be put in place offering tenants a reduced payment.

The incentive payments are only made to tenants moving between city council properties.

So, if you live in Exeter and you Really don’t need all that space, why not downsize and gain £2,000 for your trouble?

Seems a good deal to us.


£2000 cant be bad !!

Medway Council are offering absolutelt nothing for the trouble of moving ! they want to hit the poorest people with a 'spare room tax' of nearly £750 per year for my two bedroomed flat that no one wnats as it is in a poor and filthy area of Medway hihg riose and totally unsuiotable for families with young children And hit the poorest on jobseekers with with local council tax of £220-£250 per year out of their benefit !! to save upping the council tax for working people. ( how about a higher road tax locally as everyone seems to have 3 cars each and pound the mainroad outside my flat day and night giving me no peace to sleep ,if they can afford cars they can afford more road tax to bolster Medway councils shortfall!!) .Instead of this optionthis means that I will be taxed £1000 a year out of my benefits or move out of Medway which the only option a see.

Ive only just got a 'spare room' back having spent year bringing up a fabulous young man on my own who is now a teacher and contributes to the economy and the communty no mean feat!!. My rent has be negotiated to £400 per month as a longterm tennant and no hope of finding a one bedroomed rabbit hutch for as little as that except through the council waiting list for which thanks top the government Imposition starting in April 2013 are lioke gold dust as the whole of Southeast will be snapping up thses only affordable one beds.

Come on Medway Council and the Government !!its totally Bonkers and immoral and unworkable to charge these taxs from the poorest in society! if you insist on evicting people through their lack of abitlity to pay to non existant one bed flats/ downsize (in every sense of the word )at least give poorest tennants some moving costs /deposit , on the time limit imposed 6 months OR give a longer timescale like a year to move without being saddled with unimaginable hardship so soon .

Or better still SCRAP the whole spupid and ill thought out taxes that only hit the poor soon to be homeless !!

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