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Entrepreneur Tenants will be able to operate a business from home

Government Ministers are planning to slash red tape, which they say is holding back a new generation of home based entrepreneurs

At the moment all tenants of council and housing association homes must apply for, and get written permission before they can work from home.

At present over 96% of housing associations demand permits and just 5% of social tenants start home-based businesses.

Only 11% of small companies in Britain’s 1,000 most deprived areas operate from home, compared with 36% in other areas. But now, they will be given the green light from the government Housing Minister who will tell social landlords to tear up the forms and encourage tenants to get cracking.

This change is part of a range of measures aimed at helping the “doers and grafters” recently praised by David Cameron. The Minister said: “Tenants should have the same opportunities as anyone else!..... Where a tenant is making a reasonable request to start their career at home, it should be granted.”

Its aniticipated that a large number of businesses started in social housing will be internet-based – the ideal place for bright people from low income backgrounds. An index of online entrepreneurs shows that just a quarter of online traders have a degree while a third only have GCSEs.

So, will we be seeing the next Ebay, the next Amazon or maybe something completely different, who knows. What is known is that the British people have a habit of coming up with brilliant ideas... the thing is now ordinary tenants have the same opportunity .. all you need is a computer and the will to DO IT !

At Tenantstips we say ,....Go for it !