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Housing Benefit Claimants get extra Millions

Councils across the country will be receiving financial packages valued at up to £49 million to assist in the transition with the new housing benefit legislations coming online up to 2015

London alone will be receiving almost £6m for claimants renting privately

The money will assist local residents and council negotiate better deals on rent with local landlords and also help in finding more affordable properties.

The extra cash provided will be on top of £140 of discretionary housing payments already targeted for benefit claimants and the prevention of homelessness.

Its widely reported that the costs associated with housing benefit claims has more than doubled in the last 10 years and its felt the reforms across the board are required to reduce the rising costs and the investment now will reduce future costs as councils introduce preparations for the transition.

Many councils across the country are already coming together and creating projects targeting help and support for tenants to work with landlords to renegotiate rents or find and move to more affordable properties.

In 2011 ten such projects were created in the UK with the initial funding and all councils across UK will now share the latest millions of funding. The Government wants councils to use the early projects from last year as models of how they councils across the country can pool resources and together support their residents.

These early Projects included saw councils: banding together to set up a letting agency targeting local landlords; the setting up of a local voice for residents rights in Islington; the development of computer software targeting 50,000 homes in Yorkshire and a scheme to target potential homeless people in Brent.


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