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Is this the end to immigrants jumping the council house queue?

The Coalition Government will unveil plans tomorrow, allowing local councils to give housing benefit claimants with established links to an area priority over new comers to that area.

There are nearly five million names on council house waiting lists in England. Under the Labour Government in 2002, anyone could add their name to the list with no restriction being placed on newly-arrived immigrants sometimes allowing them to jump the queue.

It is thought that by giving councils the right to set their own criteria’s council housing will likely favour local residents. However, immigrants with families would still have to be housed if they were deemed homeless.

Local councils may also reject those who have applied for council housing in other districts to discourage multiple applications. New council tenants will also be affected by the end of the right to a council house for life. These factors are expected to increase the demand for rental properties from council tenants in the private rental sector.

It is thought that priority will still be given to those people who face homelessness or those in overcrowded accommodation when determaining the priority of the council lists. Councils and housing associations will have to give tenants at least six months’ notice to move out if they are found to be no longer eligible for social housing.


immigrants jumping housing que

I think this is a brilliant idea, but as one knows most immigrants have large families and may be living in overcrowded accommodation so do jump the que because of this. There needs to be a system that one does not jump up the housing que due to the number of people living in one propperty. Some may not even be legal immigrants and could live with ther own parents/families else where, so deport them. Perhaps only allow ones who have nowhere else to go in the world ie no alternative to jump up the que regardless of number of children. Otherwise people will constently breed to get accommodation.

Private landlords need to be taught a lesson,made to make regular checks on there propperties so they are probberly maintained, forced to reduce rents so everyone even those in full time employment can afford to live in decent accommodation and complete repairs ie replace boilers when necessary. Otherwise people will loose the incentive to work and will end up in delapidated accommodation creating more health problems due to previous tenants who disrespect propperties and agents harrasing them for reporting the damage created.

This happens all over the Uk not just in London, but is more talked about in London as it is a bigger place.

Olive Oil

SE london

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