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Landlord Harassment for Rent results in fine of £700

The Prosecutor at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court, said: “The law regards taking someone’s home away as a very serious matter. It puts great store in a tenant being able to live in their home, free from interference, with their peace and comfort, free from harassment.”

A landlord whos tenant got into arrears because she lost her job sent her daily text messages requesting payment of the rent.

She applied for job seekers’ allowance and housing benefit, but there was a delay in the money arriving but that wasn't good enough for this landlord.

None of these text messages contained any threats or obscene language. However by keep sending texts, just about every day, it was considered conduct which could be assessed as harassment. Council officers had warned the landlord twice about his behaviour but still he continued to send her text messages.

At the end of the case a local council tenancy relations co-ordinator, said outside court: “We want to send a message that we will not tolerate any landlord using any kind of bullying or threatening behaviour and we will be tough on"

The judge ordered the landlord to pay a £250 fine, a £15 victim surcharge and £425 legal costs.

So, if you are late with the rent or in rent arrears to any degree, it doesn't give the landlord the right to continually call, text or email or pop round to ask for the rent. Doing so could be classed as harassment. If it happens to you we suggest you go and speak to your local council tenancy relations co-ordinator.

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Jo seeker allowance and housing benefit?

How do you apply for this housing benefit? I am currently looking for a job and have not found one yet, but need assistance with my rent. I am behind.

thank you for your help.

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