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Landlord Tenant Law? If only Bianca from Eastenders had Gone to TenantsTips !

Threatened with rent increases and possible illegal eviction what would you do?

Whether you love or hate the soaps, there is no doubt that they certainly cover a wide variety of everyday experiences even if some of them are somewhat over dramatized.

Anyone familiar with Eastenders will know that gobby Bianca is in yet another financial scrape and this time with her sister in law Janine. Having recently inherited megabucks from her grandmother, Janine owns the house in which Bianca and her four children are living. With estranged husband, Ricky, working abroad and only sending money sporadically, Bianca always finds it difficult to make ends meet and this week learned that Ricky could no longer contribute to the rent.

Having exhausted every avenue to get the rent money together, including asking boss Ian for an advance on her wages and looking into an application for housing benefit she asked millionairess Janine for a rental contract for housing benefit purposes and more time to pay the rent. Janine said that she would have to pay tax on the rent if Bianca applied for housing benefit and therefore the rent would go up. In her usual condescending manner, Janine demanded that the rent be paid by Friday and Bianca is now so worried that she will become homeless, she is becoming desperate. She feels there is no point in applying for benefit because if the rent goes up she will have to find the difference.

On top of all these problems two of the children left the bath tap running and water poured through the lounge ceiling. Janine has told Bianca that if the ceiling is not in pristine condition the next time she visits there will be trouble.

At present there are possibly thousands of people feeling very sorry for Bianca and many people finding themselves in the same position too, but in reality all Bianca needs to do is find out what her rights as a tenant are and then with this information tell Janine she knows her rights and won't be pushed around.

For example; Janine cannot just kick Bianca and the kids out onto the street on Friday because there is a court procedure to follow which is not straightforward for a landlord and would take a lot longer than Friday to progress. Kicking her out would be an illegal Eviction.The fact that there is no tenancy agreement will only serve to complicate matters for Janine as a “landlord”. Bianca just has to discuss the matter with her local council and a solicitor to give herself some breathing space.

As you know here at www.tenantstips.co.uk there is a wealth of information available to people just like Bianca and even better, it is absolutely free.

If you are experiencing problems with your tenancy, be it threats of eviction, landlord trying to raise the rent or anything else, visit the TenantsTips website where you are sure to find advice, information and possible solutions to your particular difficulties. Don’t be bullied or harassed by your landlord, know your rights!


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