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Landlord arrested in tenant murder enquiry

Tenant JoYeates was tragically murdered over the Christmas period.

Jo’s body was discovered on Christmas Day, eight days after she was reported missing. The 25-year-old had been strangled. Jo’s landlord Chris Jefferies, who lived above the Victorian basement property he rented to Jo, is being detained for questioning at a police station. Police have removed two cars for inspection from the property. The vehicles are to be owed by the landlord Mr Jefferies.

It has been reported that Miss Yeates' keys, mobile phone, purse and coat had been left behind at her flat and there was no sign of forced entry to the flat.

Mr Jefferies, 65, reportedly told police he saw three people, one of whom he believed Jo, leaving the block of flats.


Mr Jefferies was proven innocent. Jo Yeates was killed by her next door neighbour and he was successfully prosecuted.