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Pay your rent or face being evicted

The message is simple - pay the rent and, if you're behind with your rent, make an agreement with your landlord to catch up with the arrears and stick to it.

A Community Housing Group served papers on 16 tenants in September one of which was a single mother. Its believed housing groups across the country are upping the ante when it comes to rent arrears. If local housing groups are going to these measures to ensure the rent is paid you can guarantee private and other social landlords will too.

In one case a single mother owed over £3,000 in upaid rent but any tenant faces eviction for arrears where they are more than two months in arrears.

With the UK in the grip of recession landlords are feeling the pinch as much as tenants. Dont forget landlords have bills,mortgages, insurances and other costs, so now is not the time to stop paying your rent and turning your economic crisis into a homeless one.

There is always help to hand for tenants who are struggling to make ends meet. Many councils and authorities have advisers who can help cash strapped families to tackle their debts and there are also gorups like the CAB. These services are free and on a confidential basis.

However, if you dont ask and dont try to come to some agreement with your landlord, adopting instead some sort of "Ostrich syndrome" then normally the landlord will have no option but to go to court and seek an eviction order.

So, dont think that just because you maybe a single mother you will get special dispensation from the courts.

We would urge anyone who's behind with their rent and struggling to seek help and advice rather than hoping the problem will go away.


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