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Paying the rent using a smartphone is reality

Technology has changed the way we live and in order to make full use of it we have to grow with it.

The number of people without fixed telephone line connections is growing and with most landline internet providers charging more than mobile internet connections this trend will continue.

More than 50% of mobiles are now smartphones. Think about it. Sometimes it can take a very long several minutes to start up a laptop, log on, get into your browser, access the internet and then website and finally make a rent payment or you can`t use your laptop every moment or while you are away, more and more people are moving to their tablets and mobiles with dedicated applications or "apps“.

You can be into a secure app within 30 seconds of startup on a mobile device.

However, to date very few social landlords have geared up to access via smartphones, whether that is through an Apple or Android smartphone, Windows mobile, Symbian or Blackberry handset.

You can find the rent, maintenance and allocations apps in the AppStore. A rent application would simply allow a resident to access the balance of their rent account, make a payment, obtain a receipt and receive emails and messages from their landlord on their smart device.

Clearly an app would be personalised for each social landlord and should downloadable from their web site.

Allpay Internet Payments now have a free mobile application "app" available to download from the Apple App Store and the Android Market for your Apple or Android smartphone, which you can use to pay your rent touching of a button.

Also you can store all of your payment reference numbers and payment amounts so you don`t have to enter them every time. You can create a 4 digit pin number to access the app so you don`t need to go through a lengthy log in process every time you want to use it. All of this in the secure environment.

So, maybe you can say "goodbye“ to the hassle of money orders and cheques if you have an Apple or Android smartphone. Simply visit an online store or market near you today and download the free App.