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Reduced Benefits will affect Tenants ability to pay Rent

New research suggests that housing benefit cuts will not be easily absorbed by renters, nor are they popular with voters.

According to a recent YouGov poll commissioned by the Fabian Society and the TUC 49% of tenants in the UK’s private rental sector, and in receipt of housing benefit, think they will face real financial difficulties as a result of the recently announced government cuts.

YouGov also found that 31% of private renters on benefit have income that is normally the same as their spending; so an income cut of 10% would cause real problems for them and would need to make more cutbacks. With private tenants surveyed, 18% said that they were already worried because their income was less than their expenditure even before any new cuts come into place.

TUC general secretary, Brendan Barber, says: “Ministers want us to believe that housing benefit is going to what they would call work-shy scroungers, yet in reality only one claimant in eight is unemployed. He added.. “The rest are mainly low-income working households, pensioners or the disabled.”

These findings from the survey suggested also that most Britons want to see greater government support for tenants at risk of losing their homes.


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