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Renting with Pets

Finding the perfect rented accomodation can be difficult at the best of times but especially for pet-owners it can be even more difficult.

Whilst regular househunters without pets spend an average of six weeks looking for a property, more than half of pet owners searched for between two months to more than a year.

Not all landlords have ideas of letting their property to pet owners as they fear that they will damage furniture, carpets, curtains or even leave fleas in rented property.

According to a research done by a Dogs Trust, 43% of the population currently own a pet of some sort.

54% of pet owners are unable to find suitable rented accommodation due to landlords being wary of renting to them because landlords routinely say "no pets“. As a result, 14% kept their pets secretly and 8.5% were left with no choice but to give their pets to friends, family or a rescue centre.

Actually not all pets bring problems and many owners are very responsible.

Sometimes letting property to pet owners may give some benefits for landlords. If landlord is finding it slow to let a property then it is a time to think about the potential benefits of a pet owner renting property.

The properties that allow pets are often in demand and as tenants have less of a choice available to them they may be more likely to pay a higher rent for the right property where they can live with their pets. Also if the tenant has found it difficult to rent a property with a pet in the past, they will often be grateful and they will take care to be good tenants and more likely to stay for a long time.

Landlords may accept pets if home contents insurance and landlords insurance will cover any damage to the property caused by pets. Also, if the tenant offers to pay a larger deposit to cover potential damage this will help the cause. Also if the pet owner promises to have curtains and carpets cleaned professionally before moving out can also to make a difference.

Finally, if a tenant can get references from any previous landlords, letting agents and vets can provide references and vouch for the good behaviour of pets. See more about renting with pets.


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