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Subletting Tenant Goes to Jail

Subletting of Council Residential Homes illegally has been a problem for a long time but councils are starting to crackdown.

Councils across the country are crying “enough” as tenants unlawfully sublet their council homes taking in thousands of pounds in rent per year.

In a recent case in London the local authority took their tenant to court over just this. He was living with his partner and renting out the council flat he had in his name.

When he was initially questioned by the council investigators he lied about the whole setup but they were not convinced.

It’s estimated across the country tens of thousands of tenants are subletting their council provided homes illegally and this abuse of the system means there is a shortage of council properties for people who are on the local authority waiting lists and councils are fighting back.

Under the Fraud Act 2006 many councils are now commencing legal proceedings against their tenants illegally subletting their homes.

In the recent case in London the tenant was jailed for 16 weeks and ordered to pay the councils costs of over £7,000. Of course he’s no longer a council tenant too!

For council tenants who are illegally renting out their council provided property time is running out until they get caught.


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