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Tenants Credit Checks set to be requested more by Landlords

A national landlords association is encouraging all its member landlords to be more strict about a tenants credentials and telling them to carry out background checks on potential tenants before letting their properties.

With the economic climate being what it is, the chances of tenants defaulting on their rent payments have been growing for a while now. Many landlords have been reporting problems with their current tenants not paying the rent on time as the economic crisis we all find ourselves in deepens. In order to reduce the extent of this problem in the future landlords up and down the country are being advised to do more stringent background checks on applicants before they rent out their property to them.

These basic checks will show any landlord any County Court Judgements, your previous address history, an ID check and alias name search, along with a bankruptcy or insolvency idetails you may have.

If they do a full background check it will include references from your employer and any recent previous landlord or letting agency whom you rented from together with bank account details and an assessment of a tenant’s ability to pay the rent.

If you’re at all concerned about your credit history or if unsure if anyone you lived with in the past received a CCJ at an address you lived at you can check your own history through several online sources for free.

We recommend that anyone considering renting a property get their own credit score report online before they start applying with a landlord or letting agency.

Check out our article on getting yourself a Free Credit Score Check.


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