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Tenants reduce energy bills in time for winter

Tenants are paying up to 40% more for their gas and electric.

With the recession in full bite and winter edging ever closer, you may think again about turning your heating up. You would definitely reconsider if you found out energy companies are all starting to raise their prices and you are probably overpaying for your gas and electricity if you haven’t reviewed the market for the last six months.

It is very common in rental properties that the utility suppliers almost never get changed by the tenant as many think that they are unable to or that it’s against the terms of the tenancy. Ultimately, it is the tenant who pays the bills so it is important that they have the choice of the cheapest utility providers. This results in tenants paying as much as 40% extra for their gas and electric bills.

It is quite common for tenants to be able to save up to £334 on utility bills as soon as they switch provider. It is very important to shop around for the cheapest utilities and it is very useful to have a previous gas and electric bill available to compare the on offer prices.

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