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Tenants to receive cash for DIY repairs

Tenants living in social housing in England may receive funding assistance in order to undertake DIY home improvement projects under new proposals announced by the government.

Launching the Tenant Cashback scheme, housing minister Grant Shapps stated that there are thousands of Tenants living in rented properties who take pride in looking after their homes.

It is estimated that landlords spend a total of £4 billion a year on repairs and maintenance, with much of this going towards simple tasks such as painting and basic repairs that could be completed by the residents themselves. However, those looking to undertake such projects may like to heed advice that was recently offered by the director of the National Home Improvement Council, who explained that jobs must be done properly, as poor work could have serious consequences later.

A pilot scheme to give social tenants greater control of the repairs and maintenance budgets for their own homes has already started with a Housing Association. After a consultation, the scheme may be extended across the country.

The tenant cashback scheme will allow residents to take greater control of the repairs budgets for their homes.

Community groups will also be able to take on repairs helping out those who cannot do so themselves. Tenants will be able to pool their resources, creating a 'Community Cashback' account which could help fund improvements to the local area for the benefit of all Tenants.

The government wants all landlords to offer their tenants the chance to manage more of their repairs budgets but no tenant will be obliged to take on more responsibility than they choose and the scheme won't place any new cap on maintenance budgets.

So.. Get that old Black and Decker out !


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