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Letters You can write to landlord and Agents

A Tenant letter to your landlord or your Letting Agent should spur them into some action where beforehand maybe there has been none. However, most importantly, it will provide proof that you have take some action or requested something. They can no longer say you didn’t call, or they never received the message.

We advise all communications between the tenant and the landlord or letting agent to be in writing, or at least follow up any telephone calls which are of an important nature with a letter or email. As it is, most tenancy agreements specify that you have to put certain things in writing so at least it will also keep you within the law

There are many occasions when you may need a tenant letter to landlord and even though it may not specifically be covered in these letters we hope you will be able to format a specific tenant letter to landlord that suits your requirements.

As we have said in many articles you must remember to keep copies of all correspondence and for really important matters if you are not using email it is always better to send it by recorded delivery as further proof that you indeed did in fact send it.

We will be adding more and more letters as we go, so check back from time to time and/or bookmark this page.

Letter to the landlord asking for confirmation of tenancy when you don't have a written tenancy agreement

If you don't have a tenancy agreement you landlord must still confirm in writing the tenancy arrangements

Notice letter to the landlord to end the tenancy and vacate

If you want to vacate your property use this letter of notice for your landlord

Letter to landlord about Repairs

When you need repairs doing and the landlord does get his act together, write this !.

Letter to landlord or letting agent to extending tenancy agreement

If you want to extend your tenancy for a further period let your landlord or agent know.

Letter to landlord rejecting deposit deductions

If you are not happy with what your landlord has deducted and the reasons why, write !!