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How to get Help with Rent from Churches in the USA

If you are facing eviction due to rent arrears, have not been able to get rent assistance and have been refused any type of loan that you have applied for there are several churches in the USA that may offer some assistance to you.

It may be that you are having problems paying your utility bills or that your utilities have been cut off and some churches will offer financial help with these problems too.

If you are a regular churchgoer you have probably participated from time to time in helping to raise money for the less fortunate, needy and also for charitable causes.

You may also have met people in the USA who are opposed to the Church helping with rent assistance because they feel that those who receive help with rent via the Church are more interested in the money than their belief in the bible or indeed in God.

Nevertheless, no matter how you might feel personally it is a fact that there are millions of poverty stricken people who honestly need help due to circumstances that are not necessarily of their own making.

How to get financial assistance from the Church

If you find yourself in desperate circumstances and need emergency help with rent or bills approaching your local church for help should be your first step. Clearly if you regularly attend the church and have been a member of its congregation for some time, the possibility of you getting help will be much higher. However, if it’s your first visit you may find it difficult, if not impossible, to derive any significant financial assistance.

You will be expected to become a loyal member of the congregation and to participate in church activities before the Church will trust the motivation that led you to ask for help from them.

Protestant Financial and Practical Assistance

For a little under 200 years ProtestantAid.org has been an established provider of assistance to poverty stricken people and those in need of emergency help with rent, utilities, heating and food for those people who legitimately require such assistance. The Protestant Aid group does not discriminate in terms of ethnicity, religion or race so you don’t have to be a Protestant in order to receive their help.

Catholic Charities USA

Catholic Charities USA is made up of groups of charities that offer people help with rent or bills. These charities are particularly active in assisting those who are in natural disaster zones but they will also help you and your family with money and assist you to get food stamps so that you will not go hungry.

This group of charities has provided aid to many thousands of people who have been affected by the Gulf Coast Oil Disaster, the 9/11 Terrorist event and Hurricane Katrina to name just a few.

So, if you are Catholic and in dire straits it is worth approaching this organisation; because even if they can’t resolve all your problems they will try to help where they can.

If you need help with your rent or bills honesty is the best policy when approaching the Church and since many churches feel a moral obligation to help the needy, the chances are they will take some action to reduce the stress you may be feeling; whether this takes the form of providing you with food, rent assistance or help to pay other bills.


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