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PHA Locations for Housing Choice Vouchers

List of Qualified Housing Credit Agencies Performing PBV's Subsidy Layering Reviews

HUD's Confirmation Date Status Housing Credit Agency Name
13/12/2010 Approved Alaska Housing Finance Corp.
25/08/2010 Approved California Tax Credit Allocation Committee
25/08/2010 Approved City of Chicago Department of Community Development
03/03/2011 Approved Colorado Housing Finance Agency ommunity Renewal
02/09/2010 Approved Connecticut Housing Finance Authority
13/12/2010 Approved Louisiana Housing Finance Agency
27/09/2010 Approved Maine State Housing Authority
20/04/2011 Approved Michigan Housing DevelopmentAuthority
28/09/2010 Approved NY State Division of Housing and Community Renewal
28/09/2010 Approved NY State Housing Finance Agency
07/10/2010 Approved Ohio Housing Finance Agency
28/10/2010 Approved Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency
01/03/2012 Approved State of Arizona Department of Housing
09/03/2011 Approved Vermont Housing Finance Agency
24/06/2011 Approved Washington State Housing Finance Commission
24/06/2011 Approved Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority


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