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What to Do About Noisy Neighbors

Sometimes one of the most difficult parts of being a renter, particularly in an apartment or condo complex, can come from dealing with your neighbors.

After a long day, one of the last things you want to hear is your neighbors gearing up for a raucous night that starts at 11 p.m., however this can be a reality for many renters.

You do have rights as a neighbor and a renter, and it’s important that you understand these rights, and approach a noisy neighbor in a positive and beneficial way. Here are a few ways to approach less-than-courteous neighbors:

Kill Them With Kindness

The first step to dealing with loud neighbors is often to use politeness. This can go a long way in settling differences. If you approach a neighbor with anger or hostility, you’re probably not going to have much success in having them lower their noise level. Being polite but direct is a good first step. Calmly approach your neighbor and explain how their noise level is detrimental to your life.

In many cases, the neighbor might not have even realize that they were causing you a problem. Make a note of when you first spoke to your neighbor, because you may need that information in the future. If speaking to them in person doesn’t work, or you’re uncomfortable approaching them face-to-face, draft a simple, straightforward letter explaining your issue, and leave it at their door. Keep a copy of the letter for your future reference.

Know the Restrictions Set Forth In Your Lease Agreement

Reread your lease and approach the situation from that standpoint. Chances are, if you signed a lease that has specific noise regulations, your neighbor signed the same lease. If they don’t respond to your polite approach, approach the situation from the standpoint that they’re breaking their lease by being noisy, particularly after certain hours. You may even need to resort to highlighting specific areas of the lease agreement and leaving it at their door.

Contact Your Landlord

If you’ve tried confronting your neighbor to no avail, it may be time to involve your landlord. You should bring your landlord copies of your correspondence with your neighbor, and also show them dates of times you’ve tried to speak with them in person. Explain to your landlord that you’ve attempted to solve the problem on your own, with no success, and the landlord will be more likely to take their own steps to remedy the problem.

If a tenant is required to sign a lease with sound and noise stipulations, it is up to the landlord to enforce these clauses.

If other neighbors are also have a problem with a noisy neighbor, you should try to encourage them to contact the landlord with their own concerns, because it will likely encourage the landlord to take action.

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The Last Resort

If none of these tactics work, you may have to consider contacting the local police department, using a non-emergency contact number. This should be the last resort because it’s taking valuable time from emergency officers, and it may cause more problems between you and the neighbor. You’re also going to have to speak with the police officers in most circumstances, which is not something many people want to do.

The best course of action is to try to solve the problem yourself, and in most cases, noisy neighbors are happy to remedy the problem once they realize the problems their causing for others around them. It’s also important to remember that as a renter, there are certain circumstances that are just part of the territory, such as barking dogs or crying children, and you can’t expect your neighbors to be completely silent just to accommodate you. Part of being a good neighbor and renter is being flexible and understanding.


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